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Past Work


US Marine Corp Systems Command
SSG performed an IV&V for the Marine Corp Recruiting Command System Software. The scope of work included analyzing business processes, quality assurance, training, software development life cycle and security.

For Titan/L-3, we worked on testing and audit of their ItinerX product. We had a team of software engineers and testers evaluate their software and analyze it for user quality problems, defects, code level security problems and potential system architecture security vulnerabilities. We provided recommendations and steps for remediation.

National Geographic
National Geographic showcases a bulk of the technical work we have done. This site requires high end performance and a redundant architecture to deliver its media-rich pages to site visitors viewing over 2 million page views/day.

We designed an enterprise architect=ure solution incorporating Vignette Enterprise Content Management software and various networking technologies to improve business process and migrate their existing content to the new system. We program-managed the project that included NG staff, our technical staff and vendors from New York and Virginia.

We have also designed an architecture which included network design and Linux clustering technologies and scalable network solutions to deliver the Genographic site.

Other software projects at National Geographic include:

• Software modifications to their internally created news manager content management system

• Custom Software in java and ESRI/GIS product to create the CivilWar feature which shows maps related to civil war battles and points of interest. Link

• Customer software for Photo of the Day (one of their top, most visited features) Link

• Custom software in perl for online photo contest for a partnership with National Geographic and Circuit City

• Evaluate security audit of National Geographic done by an external auditor.